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Hospital Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa


by Louise Wahlström

Hospital Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa (CST) had trouble answering incoming calls during the day. As many as 1000 calls didn’t even get through to an operator. With this in mind, CST decided to take action by offering the possibility of callback with Aurora teleQ.

Before Aurora teleQ, getting through was difficult and patients who finally did get to talk to an operator would frequently complain. In many cases the missed calls were from the same person. The working environment at CST was very stressful – more so, because answering the phone isn’t the only task the operators have to deal with in their daily work. CST decided they wanted a better option for their patients.

The Aurora teleQ solution

The patients calling in can choose between two options: Cancellations and General Inquiries. All cancellations are directed to voicemail. Here the patient is simply asked to leave the relevant information and bookings can be cancelled 24/7. The General Inquiries option leads to a callback solution. This allows the patient to enter their phone number and later get a call from the operator. If the caller doesn’t select either of the options they will be placed in a queue. The caller is always given the choice to enter their phone number instead of waiting.

I’m very excited, I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sonia Guiu Lucero, Patient care coordinator

Positive feedback

CST has been using Aurora teleQ for about eight months. Their overall impression is very positive and they would gladly recommend Aurora teleQ to other organisations. The main benefits they experience from Aurora teleQ are better distribution of calls during the day, more professional service for the patients and a better workplace environment for the staff. They have reduced the number of no-shows by 30 percent on average.

The staff of CST previously disliked answering the phone. With Aurora teleQ, everyone wants to take incoming calls. Thanks to its intuitive design operators think the software is easy to learn and work with. Reactions from the patients have also been positive – they really like the system. People were excited to be called back and surprised because it was done so quickly too!

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