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Making Healthcare More Available and Personalised


by Lisa Öhberg

This article is published in Healthcare Tech Outlook, Top Companies 2021. Please read the original version here: Aurora Innovation: Making Healthcare More Available and Personalised (healthcaretechoutlook.com)

“The number you have dialed is currently busy. Please try again later.”

The caller – who is trying to book an appointment at the healthcare clinic – cuts off the call and paces the room. After several seconds, they try again. If they don´t get through, they either give up or try contacting via other communication channels such as video and chat, or maybe even end up going to the clinic in person. So, one contact attempt creates multiple signals in different channels, all consuming attention from healthcare professionals. Now, what if, instead of the usual ‘busy’ message, the caller received another message: “The number you dialed is currently busy and we have scheduled a callback at 15:00 hours.” And precisely at the predetermined time, the patient gets a call from the clinic to address their healthcare needs. So, rather than having to wait in uncertainty and frustration, the caller would know exactly when they will be able to connect with their doctor. Well, this is what Aurora Innovation – a premier provider of contact management solution based on a SaaS service – brings to the table!

Connecting All Incoming Patient Contacts into One User Interface

The company leverages its robust, decentralised digital platform for management of patient contacts, teleQ, to simplify and streamline everything from callback to video and call queuing – enabling its healthcare clients to respond to their patients at a quicker rate. With teleQ, healthcare providers can manage all patient contacts in one smart user interface, regardless of the patient’s contact method.

“As the platform greatly reduces and automates their overall incoming contact flow, healthcare organisations are able to boost their productivity at the point of care, ultimately ensuring increased availability as well as customer and healthcare employee satisfaction,” says Tapani Kyrki, CEO of Aurora Innovation.

Streamlined Workflow = Greater Availability

Today, thousands of hospitals and clinics across Sweden, Finland, Spain, and the Netherlands using Aurora teleQ are witnessing improved patient and employee satisfaction. Healthcare professionals, as well as patients, are greatly benefiting from the more flexible and effective ways of interaction facilitated by teleQ. In fact, doctors and nurses are now able to eliminate their ‘telephony stress.’ The statistical functionalities of the platform are enabling their customer care service personnel to seamlessly schedule their callbacks with respective healthcare professionals at the earliest.

Tuija Peltonen, the manager of a Capio Healthcare Center in Stockholm explains, “As a manager, our contact management system, teleQ, helps me plan and optimise the unit based on the patient phone needs. We can control the flow of calls coming in with the correct number of nurses taking the calls.”

Equally impressive is the company’s onboarding process. Notably, Aurora has slightly varying approaches to onboarding based on a country’s healthcare system and regulations. For instance, in Sweden, with a public healthcare system in place, the company collaborates with relevant public stakeholders in conjunction with information and communication technology (ICT) partners to deploy its teleQ platform across hospitals and clinics. Conversely, in other countries, it directly collaborates with the hospitals and clinics to onboard its platform. More important of all, Aurora has a unique “pick and pay” approach, where clients only compensate for the platform’s modules they require in their workflow.

Seizing the Power of Digitalisation to Humanising Healthcare

Owing to the capabilities of Aurora teleQ, countless healthcare organisations have been able to revamp their patient contact services. A case in point is Fertility Fusion – a leading provider of fertility treatments in Northwestern Europe. After implementing the teleQ platform, the clinic was able to streamline their entire patient-clinic communication workflow. Today, it has not only reduced the workload for the staff but also eliminated the need for patients to stay on hold while making their appointments. This is but one of the many success stories that the company has penned over the years. Today, Aurora has more than 6,000 teleQ installations, and this number is continually increasing. Treading on its path of progress, the next step for the company is to expand its portfolio to include integration to other healthcare applications such as medical records, patient monitoring and digital triage systems. More accurate and actionable information about each patient will improve care quality and make the patient´s path easier from first contact to completion. As the company continues on this blazing trail, there is no doubt that Aurora Innovation will create a world of difference in humanising digital healthcare.

Tapani concludes, “Gathering all the different incoming contact paths into healthcare into one interface and the same view will facilitate and streamline work for staff and help improve availability to care services.”

This article is published in Healthcare Tech Outlook, Top Companies 2021. Please read the original version here: Aurora Innovation: Making Healthcare More Available and Personalised (healthcaretechoutlook.com)

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