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Healthcare for Internationals Limburg (H4iLimburg) cooperates with Aurora Innovation to help Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands to connect with healthcare


by Louise Wahlström

Healthcare for Internationals Limburg (H4iLimburg) is a Dutch Healthcare Provider, member of knowledge-platform Healthcare for Internationals Netherlands, that is trying to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of internationals.

H4i Limburg has educated its professionals to understand the healthcare needs of different nationalities and cultures, their staff speaks English, Polish, Romanian, English, German, Bulgarian, Ukrainian fluently (and often other languages as well) and all information is provided in those languages. When required they help people in need of care to navigate in Dutch healthcare. [www.h4ilimburg.nl]

Aurora Innovation has been working together with H4i Limburg for over a year and the organization uses our solution Aurora teleQ to provide excellent accessibility to healthcare for their patients/users.

An exclusive telephony line for Ukrainian refugees

Since February 2022, when the geopolitical situation changed dramatically in Europe, the number of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands has increased a lot – as in many other European countries. Both H4i and Aurora Innovation regret the Russian attack on Ukraine and want to help the refugees in the way we can – to provide access to healthcare for people in need of help and care. The idea came up to start a telephone line exclusively for refugees from Ukraine, with guidance in their own language and direct access to relevant people at H4i who are used to guide people to the right type of healthcare.

How does it work?

All Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands are welcome to dial the number +31850793030 to get in touch with professionals at H4i. Every caller will be guided in Ukrainian and offered a time slot that suits him or her for a booked meeting through the automatic service in Aurora teleQ. The call will be scheduled and at the agreed time slot, someone from the organization will call the patient back and guide them to get in contact with the right healthcare unit. The call will be held in English and if necessary, an interpreter can attend.

High availability and service to people in a difficult situation

The service is available now and both H4i and Aurora Innovation hope that this will ease the situation at least a little for the Ukrainian refugees in their very difficult situation.

“”Healthcare for Internationals Limburg, the first and only International GP-practice in the Netherlands, will be delighted to help the Ukrainian patients with their medical needs. Working together with Aurora Innovation enables us to approach the patients in their own language: the key to a trustworthy and trusted patient-doctor relationship and therefore an excellent service provided”” says Dr Frank van Kemenade, Chief Executive Officer at Healthcare for Internationals Limburg.

Dr Frank van Kemenade

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