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Greeting from the CEO: People and digital tools help us tackle the corona times


by Lisa Öhberg

It’s been an eventful year with many of us experiencing moments of both relief and frustration – especially on the corona front. In spring 2021, the world was filled with hope as the vaccines arrived, but that soon turned to disappointment quickly when everything didn’t go quite as smoothly as expected.

I wish to remind every healthcare professional, people who work with them, decision-makers and every single person trudging along in the corona reality that we all have done our best in a world wreaked by the virus. Mistakes have been made, but people around the world have shown their resilience, when it has been sorely needed.

From the digital leap to polishing tools and working methods

When you remember what was considered difficult in 2019, you can’t help but grin a little. Remote work isn’t so hard after all and remote leadership isn’t rocket science. In many organizations, internal communication has improved. Distance has forced us to trust each other, which in turn has brought more freedom to everyone’s lives. After the initial shock, things have gotten better.

I’ve seen this in several countries: Aurora Innovation has operations in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Through my work, I’ve noticed how the countries have similar issues in, for example, access to healthcare – but the same solutions apply. Human needs are similar everywhere in the world, and when there is a crisis, we become closer, at least in spirit. 

If 2020 was the year of the forced digital leap, in 2021, we’ve had the opportunity of polishing our digital processes. Adoption of digital tools of course began a long time before the corona virus, but now we have more applications, systems and digital interfaces than ever before.

This big picture now needs more organization as in the world of healthcare, for instance, professionals are running out of capabilities of managing all these tools efficiently.

New year, new challenges and new opportunities

At Aurora Innovation, we want to help healthcare professionals in this jungle of digital tools by forming new types of collaboration. Our purpose has become clearer in a very practical way over the past two years as we have supported our clients in building functional patient paths.

One of our near-future goals is to provide our clients with a unified view of all patient contacts and to build the capabilities for proactive patient communications. Instead of incompatible systems creating extra work, we want to create a harmonious space that connects people and digital tools.

This is why we are going to leverage more partnerships in the future, so that our clients can have excellent digital environments that improve customer experience and communications.

I’m looking forward to the New Year – with its challenges and successes! Have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Tapani Kyrki

CEO, Aurora Innovation Group

Tapani Kyrki

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