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Evangelic-Lutheran Church in Finland


by Louise Wahlström

ELCF, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, has been operating a helpline for the public for the past 54 years. There are around 1500 volunteers and 400 church staff who run the helpline. Except for the traditional phone line, ELCF also offers the public the ability to chat or send in digital letters anonymously, all through Aurora teleQ.

The challenge

Over the last few years the numbers of sex callers to the phone line has increased. Addressing that issue was a priority when ELCF decided to change to a different system. They needed to be able to block the harassing callers and set a limit for how many times during the same night that one number could all in. Another priority was to get one system for all functionality. Before they had one provider for the phone line and a different system for the chat and the digital anonymous letter box. Having several providers and systems was expensive. It also made it difficult for them to grow. They could only have a limited number of users at the same time and couldn’t add more volunteers. Statistics and the ability to track what types of calls came in was also a problem.

The solution

After taking in offers from several providers and scanning the market ELCF concluded that Aurora Innovation offered best and most competitive solution. ELCF chose Aurora teleQ because the system provided everything they needed while also offering the most value for money. They use the modules Call Queue and Chat.  They also use the functions post-tag, block and a mailbox for digital anonymous letters.

“Aurora teleQ is very easy to use and has helped us increase the number of volunteers while giving them a safe work environment.”

– Titi Gävert, National Coordinator for the helpline, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF)

The result

The biggest change since implementing Aurora teleQ is that ELCF now has solved the problem with the sex-callers. With Aurora teleQ they are able to set specific rules for incoming calls. When the rules are broken, an automatic block of that number can be issued. It’s also possible to put the block in manually. Other than that ELCF can limit the amount of times it’s possible to call from one number during the same night. Another advantage is that ELCF now uses the same system for phone calls, chat and anonymous digital letters. This makes it easier for the volunteers as well as for those collecting data for statistical reports. With Aurora teleQ they also have a better way of tracking the phone calls they receive. With the post-tag function each person accepting a task can tag the task once it’s completed. The tags are used to classify the calls in terms of what the call was about.

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