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Digital healthcare guarantee in Stockholm


by Louise Wahlström

The Stockholm Region in Sweden has decided to implement a digital healthcare guarantee starting at the beginning of 2020.

On November 26th the Stockholm Region decided to add a digital healthcare guarantee to the national healthcare guarantee. The national healthcare guarantee ensures that Swedish citizens should be able to get in touch with their healthcare provider and receive care within a specified time frame. With this new digital guarantee, Stockholm also promises its’ citizens that they will be able to choose how they contact their healthcare provider within that time frame. This means all healthcare providers in Stockholm need to be able to offer a digital alternative when it comes to patient contact.

Easy steps towards implementing digital healthcare with Aurora teleQ

Healthcare providers who are already using Aurora teleQ can take a few easy steps in order to comply with the new digital healthcare guarantee. Aurora teleQ offers the technical abilities to adjust our platform to which ever solution the healthcare providers may choose to implement digital patient contact. The traditional callback feature can also be applied on video calls and chat. A patient can start out with a phone contact and switch to video during the call. Callback appointments can also be scheduled through SMS or web, apart from the regular scheduling by phone.

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