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As a result of Corona – More people work from home and thrive


by Louise Wahlström

Two million Swedes work from home – and enjoy it. SVT’s Aktuellt visited Ingela Eriksson, IT educator at Aurora Innovation to see how it actually works.

Ingela brushes her teeth and goes to her kitchen table to start the computer and the work day. She has created a routine that she thinks is important. She usually takes a walk in the morning and then comes back to sit in front of the computer and start her work day, at home.

“I’m surprised that it went as well as it did. Of course sometimes it gets boring as it is the same environment for both everyday and the weekend, but at the same time it’s very flexible and efficient to work from home”, says Ingela Eriksson.

Many employees want to continue with the flexibility, says Associate Professor Kristina Palm from KTH in SVT’s Aktuellt. Some of the positive effects she mentions are that you become more efficient at work, experience less stress, reduced travel routes and better balance in life. Kristina Palm also believes that many will want to continue working from home in the future, but that you must also look after those who want the opportunity to work from an office.

The CEO of Occupational healthcare company ProHelia, Sara Jansson, believes that the biggest disadvantages of working from home are the social ones. It is more difficult to build a culture together and that is important to both employees and the company, she says in the video.

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