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Lasse Luomakoski’s career story: Challenges and exceeding expectations motivate me


by Louise Wahlström

In this blog series, we share career stories from the Aurora Innovation team. Lasse Luomakoski develops sales processes and reporting. He enjoys it when his work keeps him on his toes in just the right way – otherwise, day-to-day could get boring.

Lasse joined the Aurora Innovation team in summer 2019 and already he has had several roles within the company. He got started as Delivery project Manager, and his tasks expanded quickly, thanks to his initiative and development of his own role.

“I was thinking about the next move in my career when I saw that Aurora Innovation was looking for a new employee. The recruiting process itself made me more interested. I was particularly drawn by a role in a growing company. In a more established organization, you tend to focus on polishing the details and making sure the day-to-day runs smoothly. In a growing, still very much developing company, you have many development possibilities from the organization’s and your own role’s perspective. You get to see your impact more,” says Lasse.

Currently, Lasse is the Group Sales Operations Executive.

“I aim to develop Aurora’s sales by clarifying it from the operational perspective. In practice, I standardize, develop and create processes and reporting. This adds structure to the work and everyone is clear on how sales operates and what’s happening. It helps us focus on the right things. In addition, I’m responsible for public tendering processes at Aurora,” explains Lasse.

Always on his toes – if it’s too easy, it gets boring

As an employee with a lot of initiative, Lasse is motivated by challenges, solving them, and exceeding expectations.

“Challenges also help and force me to grow. Solving them is very rewarding. I need challenges to stay motivated. If the work becomes too easy, I tend to become passive. When I’m constantly a little bit on my toes, I’m at my best and more productive,” says Lasse.

In his career, Lasse has done several projects bridging IT development and business. In addition, he has experience from the finance industry and IoT product development, where he’s become familiar with the production of sales and marketing materials, fundraising, and analysis of the business environment.

“Variety has been strength. I’ve been involved in very different kinds of projects, with very different types of people.”

At Aurora, Lasse has so far learned a lot about leadership and the effects of change in a business.

“In a smaller company, you clearly see how changes in leadership affect the work community and the work itself. The connection to your own everyday work is more tangible than in a big corporation. Aurora is a brave, developing and community-oriented workplace.”

Societal impact makes work at Aurora Innovation feel meaningful

Regardless of country, the coronavirus put healthcare services under tremendous pressure. In Finland in spring 2021, calls to healthcare centers increased rapidly as vaccinations were starting to be rolled out.

“I designed and built phone queues for our clients with teleQ, and supported them so they could meet the intense increase in patient contacts. It really made me feel like we could help our clients, and ordinary people, in a highly meaningful and concrete way.”

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