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Anne-Maria Hauhio’s career story: I get inspired by supporting people during major industry changes


by Louise Wahlström

In this blog series, we share career stories from the Aurora Innovation team. Key Account Manager Anne-Maria Hauhio started at Aurora in September 2022 and has been able to jump straight into fast-paced customer work. In the field of technology, she is particularly interested in constant change and helping people in the midst of it.

Anne-Maria has always been fascinated by the digitalization of society and the lives of individuals. Finding better-functioning solutions for people’s everyday work motivates her strongly. Working in the healthcare sector requires a special ability to understand the processes and requirements typical of the industry.

 ”When I get to talk to professionals struggling with the constant change in their work environment and offer them concrete solutions, such as better tools, it creates a special sense of work engagement – I get extremely excited about my work!” says Anne-Maria.

Anne-Maria has strong experience in the IT sector. Having worked at 3 Step IT for more than 10 years, Anne-Maria saw great development in the services of the IT sector and in her role as a developer of customer job satisfaction. At Aurora Innovation, Anne-Maria keeps in regular contact with customers, discusses their needs and strives to develop the benefits and functionality of the Aurora teleQ service.

 ”Everyone wants to develop and succeed in their work. The IT industry is no longer just about technology, but also strongly about listening to and supporting people. We can automate a lot of processes, making people’s work easier. Why would we pack food products ourselves when a machine can do it? People can focus on thinking about how the operation of the machine could be made more efficient and how it affects the well-being of the work community.”


Anne-Maria was drawn to Aurora due to the major changes happening in the healthcare industry

One of the biggest topics of conversation in healthcare in recent years has been the Finnish health and social services reform and its effects on the everyday life of the industry – both for professionals and patients.

”At the same time, digitalization challenges the entire health and social services industry and users of services as well as their providers. The use of solutions requires a change in processes and operating methods from the technology sector. In the future, customers, i.e. patients and healthcare providers, will participate in the development and planning of services and systems. Despite all the talk about digitalization, it is also necessary to be able to connect to healthcare providers by phone. IT tools should support people, not the other way around,” emphasizes Anne-Maria.

In addition to working in the midst of big changes, the relevance of Aurora Innovation’s work appeals to Anne-Maria. The opportunity to influence the daily lives of patients, nurses and doctors is very motivating.

”Our solutions have a real impact on well-being at work. Nurses should be able to focus on caring for patients – not on using digital systems. We support them in that the contact tool is so easy to use that the nurses can focus on their work. From the patients’ point of view, we help when help is needed most – when a child has a fever, it’s really important to get through to healthcare on the first try. That’s why we exist.” 


In the healthcare industry, values have center stage

Anne-Maria describes Aurora Innovation as an equal, reliable and empathetic company and employer.

”Titles don’t matter. Everyone’s work is appreciated. We have a small team in Finland, and we can truly count on each other. You don’t need to know everything – for us, cooperation is key. In addition, we deal with issues empathetically. Such mutual trust strengthens and improves well-being at work. I also don’t think that you can work in the healthcare industry if you don’t understand how important values and empathy are,” says Anne-Maria.

In her free time, Anne-Maria likes to spend time in nature.

”I love different seasons. I also try to learn a new type of mushroom every autumn!”


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