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Efficient communication with SMS

SMS are used daily to communicate ans is a quick and easy way to send and receive information. To increase the availability of your healthcare center and give your patients an even better service, we have developed the text message module. By using text messages, you can get both happier and more prepared patients when getting back to them on issues.

More efficient customer service

Do patients sometime not respond when you call them? Using the text message module, you can easily send a reminder or confirmation to your patients. A text message reminder makes it more likely that your patient is ready when you call them back. By sending a confirmation, your patient knows that you have received the query and that they will receive feedback, which leads to more satisfied patients.

You can also send a confirmation or reminder to your patient if they have an appointment with you. Your patients can send a booking request to you when they are notified that you have received the query. You decide when you have time to respond. Everything is logged in Aurora teleQ.

Easy to use

It is easy to set up SMS. Everything is done via Aurora teleQ. You choose if you want predetermined text or use your own text. With the SMS module, you can reach out to and communicate with your patients in a more effective manner, benefitting both your patients and your own work.

This is how the SMS module works

  • The agent logs into Aurora teleQ in order to send and receive SMS. Everything is done in the system, you do not need a mobile phone.
  • Text messages can be sent in the form of automatic reminders, confirmations and/or free text messages.
  • All text message queries are collated together with other queries in Aurora teleQ and are responded to there.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – SMS

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