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Honed functionality that lightens the load and reduces the margin for error

Aurora teleQ is brim full of intelligent solutions to improve your healthcare center’s reachability and optimise the way your human resources are deployed. You can install Voicemail Plus to lighten the load when you don’t need to talk to the caller in person.

For example it is complex and time consuming to handle cancelled appointments via voice messages. Asking patients to perform certain simple tasks by themselves leaves you and your colleagues free to work on other things. You are also more likely to be told about cancelled appointments, which can then be offered to other patients.

No wrong numbers

With Voicemail Plus, you can ask the calling patients to use their phone to directly key in their personal ID or phone number when they leave a voice message. The voice message option can also be omitted entirely, so patients are simply asked to key in the requested number. The module is great for things like cancelling appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, your own staff calling in sick, etcetera.

Smaller margin for error

Voicemail Plus is an additional service that requires a license. Using this intelligent module reduces the risk that mistakes will be made. Because callers key in their number, there are no issues caused by misunderstanding or bad reception, potentially resulting in garbled messages. It is easy to call the patient back if necessary because the number has already been entered. This is useful if you need more information.

Personal messages

There are several predefined messages to choose from, but you can also record your own messages. You decide whether to make it optional or mandatory to key in the personal ID or phone number.

This is how the Voicemail Plus module works

  • The module Voicemail Plus receives the incoming calls.
  • You decide whether to make it optional or mandatory to key in a particular number, for example voicemail, personal ID or phone number.
  • All voicemails queries are collated together with other queries in Aurora teleQ and are handled directly in the system.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Voicemail Plus

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