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Flexible telephony with Call Queue

The Call Queue module gives you and your patients flexible telephony thanks to a response unit that makes it possible to work spread out or work together, regardless of any switchboard. It is not necessary to link the unit to any specific phones or work places. Staff can log in to Aurora teleQ using any computer with an Internet connection and a working phone. With these simple tools you can start answering calls from one or more telephone queues.

Easy to use

Call Queue is a module independent of any switchboard which received incoming calls and arrange these in a telephone queue which is presented on the agent’s display. The agent can himself pick up the calls and connect these to any telephone. The service is web-based, easy to use and easy to get started with.

By asking patients to enter their query, the agent can see this information before they connect a call. This allows multiple administrators to serve a single telephone queue regardless what main skills they have.

Good overview

The agent has a complete overview of how many people are trying to get through and how long they have been in a queue and can decide for himself which calls are to be answered served and when. The call list is available to agents at all times and they thus have a good overview of incoming calls. Thee is a comprehensive but easy analytical tool in order to facilitate the staffing of the response unit. The module includes information about what time you receive the most calls.

Connect units

In order to cooperate even more, you can link several units to the same telephone queue. This does not require any common switchboard or operator which means that agents based at different sites can serve the same telephone queue.

This is how the Call Queue module works

  • The agent logs into the module via Aurora teleQ.
  • The module Call Queue receives the incoming calls. Until someone selects the call, the patient is informed that they are placed on hold and how long the wait is expected to be.
  • All incoming calls are recorded on a call list, which agents can see on their displays.
  • The agents select calls by clicking on them in their list in Aurora teleQ.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Call Queue

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