Aurora Innovation and GDPR

Aurora Innovation is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect May 25, 2018. The regulation contains changes to European data privacy legislation and is designed to give EU citizens more control over their data.

As our customer, partner or reseller you can trust that Aurora Innovation has made GDPR a priority. We have a team of resources from across the company that are focused on GDPR compliance. Our products are upgraded as of May 2018 to GDPR compliant versions.

GDPR states that companies have various responsibilities regarding how personal data is handled. Those that determine the purpose and means of processing personal data are controllers and those that process this data on the controller’s behalf are processors. Controllers – you, our customer – are responsible for the data, decide how personal data should be used, the purpose, and how the process will be handled. The processor, Aurora Innovation, handle personal data on our customer’s behalf.

Some examples of initiatives Aurora Innovation has committed to in order to satisfy GDPR requirements that apply to both Aurora Innovation and our customers are:

  • We implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27000 standards. This work also takes into consideration GDPR requirements in order to ensure that our processes and products are aligned.
  • Committing to follow any additional security and privacy measures required under GDPR.
  • Assisting with respect to security and privacy of processing, notifying regulators of breaches, and promptly communicating any breaches to customers and users.
  • Ensuring Aurora Innovation personnel who have access and process Aurora Innovation customer personal data have been trained in handling that data and are bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of that data.
  • Holding any vendors that handle personal data to the same data management, security, and privacy practices and standards to which we hold ourselves.

GDPR Q&A for Aurora Innovations customers

Does Aurora Innovation process personal data of its customers?

Yes, Aurora Innovation processes customer personal data to provide the products and services and for other limited purposes enumerated in our Privacy Policies – Aurora teleQ 

Where does Aurora Innovation send my personal data?

Aurora Innovation can send personal data to our vendors.

What recommendations do Aurora Innovation have for using their products in a GDPR compliant manner?

Aurora teleQ automatically deletes personal data entered by those who contact you, but personal data belonging to those who work in Aurora teleQ (user accounts) is managed by you.

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Aurora Innovation is 100% committed to customers success and the protection of customer data, which is why our customers can count on our commitment to GDPR compliance. For more information regarding this, please contact us at

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