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Visão e valores

Quais são os nossos valores e a nossa visão?

Os nossos valores estão no cerne da nossa empresa. Exprimem-se na forma como nos relacionamos com os nossos clientes e colegas e como agimos numa decisão. Nesse sentido, somos uma parte e os criadores dos nossos valores. Estabelecem o enquadramento para o nosso trabalho diário e orientam-nos rumo aos nossos objetivos e à nossa visão.

Our Vision

We believe that we are on the face of the earth to solve the communication needs between patients and healthcare, for the benefit of society.

We believe that by providing a communication platform which supports the healthcare professionals in their daily workflows, we enable them to serve the patients in the best possible way.

We believe quality shall be measured in our customers’ and users’ perception of what we deliver.

We believe in embracing co-operation with application partners that adds value to patient’s communication with healthcare.

We believe in the simple and have the courage to say no, and we focus on the projects that are truly important and meaningful.

We know that when we act professionally and constructively with respect for and kindness to other, we create the means to success.

Our Values


We know that the best way to achieve our vision is by working together.
We love synergy and we know that collaboration makes us stronger.


We dare to be innovative and make bold decisions that are in line with our vision.
We trust in and stand by each other.


We understand the beauty of keeping things simple, it’s at the heart of everything we do.
It will always be easy to work with us and our solutions.