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Strengthen your customer relationships with Aurora teleQ and Aurora spondi

Having a well-functioning communication with your customers is decisive regardless of which industry your company operates in. Happy customers create more business and gives your company a good reputation. With our products Aurora teleQ and Aurora spondi, you can offer your customers a unique service and gain total control over your calls.

Your customers are the most important thing you have. By putting the conversations with your customers all in one place, you can focus on your company’s core business at the same time as you can offer world-class customer service. Using our products, you can plan and streamline your working hours at the same time as you can improve the way you deal with them. You also make a better working environment for your employees. You pick yourself when and how your customers can contact you.

Unique customer service –

The product Aurora teleQ is the optimal cloud-based telephone solution for all companies, businesses and organizations with many incoming calls and high requirements for availability. Using the unique, scheduled callback feature, Aurora teleQ spreads the calls over the whole day so that you and your colleagues can answer more calls with the same number of staff. You can prepare for every call and offer your customers world-class customer service.

Total control over your calls –

The product Aurora spondi affords you flexible and professional call management regardless of whether you are at work or are off. The message system means that you can always see who called. It is easy to set up absence, but you can also chose to answer calls with the interactive menu and provide a personalized absence message. You can also offer a callback time; Aurora spondi will remind you when it is time to call back. Using the smart answer groups, you can immediately see who is calling, which answer group is getting the call and which other colleagues are also getting the call. You see immediately when someone else answers.

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