Hackathon for the future of healthcare — Aurora Innovation


Hackathon for the future of healthcare

A few weeks ago Aurora Innovation participated in a  hackathon where the purpose was to help patients and healthcare professionals during and after a digital healthcare meeting. Attending the hackathon were the top players within e-health in Sweden.

From Aurora Innovation, Harald Carlstrand (developer) and Anders Köhler (technical project manager) participated. The theme was interoperability and the goal of the hackathon was to use the FHIR-model to build useful integrations between different systems. FHIR is a e-health standard used to standardise how information is exchanged between different systems.

Through our digital platform for patient contact, Aurora teleQ, we can provide information that can be securely integrated with other digital healthcare tools. During this hackathon we created a proof of concept for an integration with Cosmic (an EMR system) where patient contact information was updated in the EMR through Aurora teleQ.


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