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Important information regarding changes to Aurora teleQ

The latest version of Aurora teleQ, Kosmonaut, contains improvements focusing on data protection. The European data protection law, GDPR, dictates how personal data is handled by all companies.We have updated Aurora teleQ to offer all our customers a GDPR compliant procuct as standard. All improvements in the prodcut have been developed with GDPR in mind, in cooperation with our customers.

Personal data in the task list – 15th June 2018
The following information will no longer be displayed in the task list as standard:
• Telephone Number
• Customer Number
• A-number
• Personal identity Number (Sweden)This information will be displayed when a task is opened. The reason for this change is to protect data and increase traceability. Notes are unaffected.When: To be activated Friday 15th June
Automatic Task Deletion – Activated
Taskes are automatically deleted from the task list after 28 days. This is the new standard. Previously. tasks have only been removed from the task list through user interaction. All tasks are registered in the Log report. Tasks that have been automatically deleted are shown in the log as “automatically deleted”.
Statistics available for 14 months – 30th September 2018

Report data will be available in Aurora teleQ for max 14 months. Data older than 14 months will be automatically deleted.

When: To be activated 30th September 2018

Improvements – Non-GDPR
• ”Go to date” in schedule
• Import sound files to use as messages
• Improved information for users logging out if there are tasks left in the task list
GDPR and Aurora: Good to know

Aurora teleQ automatically deletes personal data entered by those who contact you, but personal data belonging to those who work in Aurora teleQ (user accounts) is managed by you.

For more information about GDPR and these changes, please contact your support.

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