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Here we have listed some questions and answers about our products Aurora teleQ and Aurora spondi.

Questions about Aurora teleQ

There is a longer FAQ in the Aurora teleQ-school in your Aurora teleQ. If you have problems logging into Aurora teleQ, there is help below.

Is your password not working, or are you having trouble to log in to the Aurora TeleQ?

Click on the “Forgot Password” and enter in your user name and email address. You will then receive an email with a link where you can reset your password.

Do you get an error message when you try to reset your password?

You can also ask your Aurora TeleQ administrator for help. They can easily give you a new password under the tab Admin and Users.

Questions about Aurora spondi

There is direct access to an FAQ in your Aurora spondi app. We have listed the most frequently asked questions below.

Where can I download the Aurora spondi app? What system requirements does the app have?

* * Aurora spondi is available as an app in Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iPhone). Unfortunately there is no app for Windows Phone currently.

* There is support of the app from Android 4.0 and upwards or iOS 6.0 and upwards

* The app require data connection (2G, 3G, 4G or WIFI) to work. Some functions, such as call forwarding and interactive response requires at least a 3G connection.

Why do I have to call the activation number when installing Aurora spondi?

* In order to connect the calls to Aurora spondi you have to forward your voicemail to the Aurora spondi. Only then can Aurora spondi replace your old voicemail and you can start directing calls with Aurora spondi.

* If you are in a response unit, you need to do this so that your old voicemail does not respond to calls from the response unit.

How do I log in to Aurora spondi on the web?

* You can find it here: login.spondi.com

* Click on New password if this is the first time you log in and enter your mobile phone number.

How do I clear the calling list in Aurora spondi?


* Click on the “Bin” for the call.

* To delete all calls from a person: Touch and hold a call and select “Delete all calls”.


* ”Swipe” from the right on the call

* * You can also click on “Change”, select the calls you want to delete and click “Delete”.

Vill du ta bort alla samtal på en gång?

1 Go tol login.spondi.com. (if this is the first time you log in, click on “New password”).

2. 2 In the left-hand menu, click “Call” and then “Delete all calls”.

How do I uninstall Aurora spondi?

* In order to remove Aurora spondi, you need to delete the app and the call forwarding. You do this by dialing the code #002#.

* If oyu only delete the app, calls will continue to go to Aurora spondi

Questions about Aurora spondi business

How do I join or leave a response unit?


1. Open the status tab in the app and select ”Response units”.

2. Select the response unit you wish to join. Finished!

Can you not see any response units?  Contact your administrator to receive an invitation to the company group by text message


* The easiest way to leave a response unit temporarily is to set up a quick out-of-office under the Status tab i the app. (You will automatically join the response unit once the out-of-office has ended.).

* You can leave the response unit permanently by clicking on the Status tab > Response Units Leave for the response unit you wish to leave.

Hint! You will only receive calls from the response unit during your working hours (“Reply settings” > “Schedule”)

How do I forward my ongoing conversation with Aurora spondi?

You can transfer calls that have come in via Aurora spondi response units to a colleague or any number.  NOTE: Calls that have gone directly to you cannot be transferred with Aurora spondi. 

Do this:

1. Click on the messageTransfer call? or Open Aurora spondi.

2. Select an available colleague and click Connect. You can also choose any number from the phonebook.

3. The call is transferred and you receive a message about what happened with the call. Finished!