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Video for better conversations

Have you been in a situation where it would have made your work easier if you also would have been able to see the patient calling? We are convinced that video calls can act as a supplement to everyday call management. This can, for example, make it easier for you to make a diagnosis or determine how urgent the query is.

Increases availability

Do you think you could be of even more help to your patients if you had the opportunity to be able to both see and hear the patient at the same time? For a patient to describe what something looks like can be a time-consuming process. If it was possible instead to show something using your computer, tablet or phone, that would often be easier for both the patient and for you. With video calling using the video module in Aurora teleQ, you can provide your patients with a better and more streamlined service.

Saving time and improving quality

In healthcare, video calling has received ever more attention. More and more healthcare providers have begun to offer their patients this service as a supplement in their communication. The service is very popular, partly because it saves time both for healthcare providers and for their patients, but also because it can raise the quality of care efficiently. An increased use of video calls in healthcare can also help reduce the spread of infection in waiting rooms.

This is how the module Video works

  • The agent logs into the module via Aurora teleQ.
  • The agent books a video call with the patient. Alternatively, the patient books a video call via a web form.
  • Scheduled video calls appear in the query list in Aurora teleQ.
  • The patient logs in via an app or browser. The agent works from his computer and can see all the information about the video call on his monitor.
  • Once the video call is completed, you click on Finished. Just as for calls, information when and by whom a video query has been managed is stored in the history.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Video

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