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If you work in a healthcare center where your employees are not always in front of a computer? Then the Response Groups module is your obvious choice. Here, you easily set up response group without a common platform. Your staff connect them to the response group via their phone and do not need to have access to a fixed workplace or predefined telephone.

Flexible telephone queue management

The Response Groups module is a service independent of switchboard for advanced telephone queue management for mobile phones, fixed-lines or IP phones. The phones to be used by the response groups are easily defined in the system, making it easy to vary the composition and size of the unit You can use whatever phones you like in the response group and there is no limit to the number of users. This is why we call this the most flexible response group on the market.

The module is ideal for healthcare centers with different types of on-call operations. Staff on-call can be reached via the same phone number which means you avoid downtime and unnecessary administration.

Customize the solution to your needs

Having easy, safe and flexible telephony is something that can be a particular requirement, for example, for healthcare centers with on-call services. In order to customize telephone solution to your healthcare center’s needs, it is possible to combine Response Groups with several of our other modules. In order to offer your patients a more flexible telephone solution, you can combine Response Groups with the Duo modules Callback and Call Queue.

This is how the module Response Groups works

  • The agent logs in via his mobile phone, fixed-line or IP-phone.
  • The module receives all incoming calls and forwards them directly to the next available agent.
  • If all the agents are busy, the call is placed on hold.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Response Groups

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