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Modern customer service with chat

When healthcare becomes more digital, the physical encounter between patients and healthcare reduces. That makes it even more important to offer an accessible, personal and frank customer service with quick and correct responses. A chat ensures that the patient does not feel left to manage the entire problem by themselves. They do not have to find their phone and sit on hold to get help, just open the chat and start a conversation. You cannot get closer to the healthcare provider than this.

Easy to reach more

Today many, in particular young people, communicate more online than by phone. Having several different channels and inputs on a single platform is a big win for your healthcare center just in terms of time. It also allows for more patients to reach your healthcare center, for example people with a disability.

The module also has several other advantages. Being able to contact your healthcare center via your website is flexible. The patient who contacts you does not need a phone but can get answers to simple questions quickly via the chat.

Communication all in one place

The patient who wants to chat initiates this through your healthcare center’s website. It is easy to integrate the chat in any website. All communication is done via Aurora teleQ’s interface and no new window is opened. The chat in Aurora teleQ can be scheduled on its own separate times or at the same time as call bookings.

This is how the Chat module work

  • The agents log into the module via Aurora teleQ.
  • A chat conversation in Aurora teleQ is booked via a web form. The patient is given a time when the chat is expected to start.
  • To start the chat, the agent opens the chat query.
  • Once a chat query is finished, you click on Finished. Information about when and by whom a chat query was handled is stored in the history just as for calls, however, no history of what has been said in the chat is saved.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Chat

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