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More satisfied patients with the module Email

Increase your patient’s opportunities to contact your healthcare center in the way that suits them best. Using the email module in Aurora teleQ, you can let your patients know easily and quickly that you have received their query and let them know when you will respond.

More efficient customer service

Aurora teleQ can integrate multiple communication channels. We have developed the email module to increase the availability of your healthcare center and give your patients even better service. By integrating this module, you can schedule emails queries in the same way as your call reservation.

The patient who sent the email is informed that the message has been received and when to expect a response. The customer service agent can then respond to this in turn. The scheduling in Aurora teleQ means there is time to answer emails queries during the working day.

More flexible communication

It is easy to set up email. As all emails will arrive into a shared mailbox, you and your colleagues are in full control of all queries. Your healthcare center will not fail to respond to any messages and you can see if a colleague is already working on a query. Replying to a message opens the email client you use for your work, such as Outlook. This is a great advantage as you have access to your normal editing functions and settings such as formatting, attachments, signatures etc.

This is how the Email module works

  • The email address in question is linked to Aurora teleQ.
  • All email messages sent to the address will be displayed in Aurora teleQ, just like for all other queries.
  • You can open the query and read the message.
  • To respond to the message, you click on “Reply” which opens your email client, for example Outlook.
  • Once you have replied to the email, you go back to Aurora teleQ and close the query. Here you will also find statistics over all email queries you have dealt with.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Email

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