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Callback means more satisfied patients

The core of Aurora teleQ is the module we call Callback. Simply put, it’s a scheduled callback. By entering your healthcare center’s work schedule, the module works out when you will be able to deal with the incoming call and then schedules a callback. Quick, easy and efficient.

Optimize your healthcare center’s resources

The telephony is optimized to your healthcare center’s staffing resources and work schedule. This works for both large facilities with a high and/or uneven volume of calls to the switchboard as well as small facilities who want to be available often but do not always have the time to answer the phone.

Instead of a busy-tone or a long queue, the patient receives an interactive response as to when he will be called back. That means less time on the phone waiting for your patients, time that be better spent in other ways. When everyone gets a response, no patients are lost and the technology allows the staff to focus on communication.

Efficient and flexible

Callback is a web-based and module independent of switchboards for advanced telephone queue management. Time-specified callback improves both the patient’s ability to get through and the working conditions for all employees. As the module deals with the telephone calls, the phones go quiet which helps reduce stress. The telephone agent initiates the call and can therefore plan it more efficiently.

The module can be integrated with analytics tools that provide powerful statistical reports. This helps your health care center to achieve optimal capacity and makes it easy to evaluate the work.

World-class customer service

When everyone gets a response, no patients are lost and the technology allows the staff to focus on communication. Time-specified callback gives the patient clear information of the status of his call, compared with simpler systems. This, along with the fact that you can record personalized and updated messages, means that Aurora teleQ can improve availability and the way in which you approach patients.

This is how the Callback module works

  • The module receives the calls and then asks the calling patient to enter their phone number. It is also possible to leave a message with their phone number.
  • Based on the number of incoming calls, their average length and the number of agents working at that time, the module works out a scheduled callback time.
  • The patient calling is told when the callback will take place. If the time still does not suit, it is possible to select a later time.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Callback

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