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Better work environment in healthcare

The demands on healthcare staff are increasing at a faster pace as the development of digital solutions keep advancing. Patients expect a high availability and politicians expect efficiency in order to be able to offer the good healthcare to a lower cost. At the healthcare centers the staff are still often working the phones in an environment that isn’t ideal for patient communication.

Improve the work environment with a digital platform

A big advantage to the digital evolution is the creation of tools that help make life easier for the healthcare staff. Today Aurora teleQ is so much more than just a telephony system. It’s a digital platform for patient contact, with several modules that help improve the work environment at healthcare centers and clinics.

Thanks to AI solutions nurses can get more information about the patient before the phone call even begins.  Video calls enable digital doctor’s appointments and the ability to switch between phone call and video call help create a more available healthcare with more ways for patients to connect. With post-tags of incoming tasks it becomes easier for the healthcare staff to follow up taks in Aurora teleQ. If a lot of the incoming calls aren’t of medical nature, it’s natural to put a different profession in charge of handling those. The goal of all of these things is to increase availability. To make sure that the patients will get the help they need as soon as possible.

Choose tools that help

For healthcare staff the most important thing is that any new tools introduced will help them do their job, not hinder and add more to their already full plates. IT systems that don’t work as they should mean added administrative tasks. Which leads to a higher stress levels. This of course has a negative impact on the work environment.

What does your contact with patients look like today? Is most of it done over the phone? Digitally? Maybe there are hidden possibilities in the tools or systems you already use. Digitalisation is the key to a better work environment in healthcare. We would love to help you get started today.