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Availability for all

More and more patients seek healthcare services daily. This increase in demand creates new challenges. Many people have a hard time getting in contact with their healthcare provider fast enough and low availability leads to frustration. Within the healthcare sector digitalisation and new digital tools are often seen as the solution to these challenges.

To create a more available world

Aurora Innovation has a long history of helping the healthcare sector to reach their high demands for availability. With our digital platform for patient contact, Aurora teleQ , we enable more efficient healthcare meetings. For both patients and healthcare staff – today and tomorrow.

We believe that all people should have equal opportunity to get the healthcare they need. We believe this is best achieved when people who have the adequate education within different healthcare professions get to be the ones deciding who needs what type of care. We believe that a person who doesn’t have access to, or the ability to use, new digital tools have just as much of a right to have their needs met. Most of all, we believe it’s of the utmost importance that patients have trust in the people trained to give care.

Availability is a sign of how the clinic or healthcare center is doing. How is the work environment? How is the patient satisfaction? We would love to help you optimise your business in order to meet the ever increasing demands on availability.