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The health care saves both time and money with Aurora teleQ

Improved availability in health care contributes to a more cost-effective care, more efficient use of public resources and a healthier population. With Aurora teleQ, your business can achieve both a better working environment and more satisfied patients at a lower cost.

A well-functioning contact system for the public sector makes a positive contribution to the economy. It is a well-known fact that the faster a patient gets help, the faster she gets healthy. Using Aurora teleQ, the patients can always reach you. The patients get better quicker and can return to work. Healthier people offer a higher quality of life for the individual and therefore stronger public finances. Phone queues disappearing also means that more time can be spent working. Thanks to Aurora teleQs positive impact on the working environment and stress levels for health care staff, patients can be offered higher quality care.

Sustainable results Aurora teleQ for head of availability

Need help achieving the availability objectives set out by your county council? Using Aurora teleQ provides you with sustainable independent statistics and you avoid investments and being locked in. You can quickly see results and develop the business forward. For those responsible for availability, Aurora teleQ can ensure that your county council ranks first in the national measurements for telephone accessibility in primary health care.

Using Aurora teleQ reduces stress for your employees. This reduces sick-leave and optimized resources with better staffing using tools. Thanks to the flexible analytical tool, you can simulate the impact of different schedules to the availability by phone.

Our product is the leading telephone solution with callback on the health care market. If you feel that your county council does not live up to the requirements for availability, we can always assist with advise and many years’ expert knowledge. We can guarantee a turnaround of these numbers.

Focus on your core business Aurora teleQ for the manager

As the manager, you have the ultimate responsibility for giving patients the care that they need. Adapting and tailor-making a solution based on your recourses and requirements will make your work a lot easier. Your business can approach patients in a better way which leads to fewer complaints and releases valuable time for you to focus on what you do.

You avoid late cancellations, unused capacity, busy tones and unnecessary calls. Instead, you gain more doctor’s appointments, capacity to see even more patients, plan overtime, greater control over time and staff and the ability to prioritize more important calls, and much more.

A few clicks gives you total control over the telephony. The built-in analytical tool in Aurora teleQ provides you with powerful reports so that you can plan staffing based on requirements and resources. You can also test schedules and see directly how they will affect the availability on the phone. It is also possible to compare the availability between businesses in a more comprehensive and detailed way. The product is easy to administrate for you and your employees so that you can focus on your core business.

Control the planning of your day Aurora teleQ for nurses

As a nurse, it is probably even more important that you can manage stressful situations. Our unique product prevents the phone from calling and making the everyday stress manageable. By using Aurora teleQ, you have time to focus on other things. You can provide advice over the phone, something you have been trained to do and have time over for documentation which in the long run will make the patients more satisfied.

Our cloud-based telephone solution Aurora teleQ has a logical and simple interface. If there is anything you are not sure about, you can always go to Aurora teleQ’s built-in support portal or contact our support.