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Flexible response groups in Aurora spondi

Do you want your customers to only have to dial one number to reach you or any of your colleagues? With Aurora spondis’ smart response groups, call are allocated to those included in the response group. You receive information about who is calling, which response group is receiving the call and which the other colleagues directly. If you are busy, you can easily forward the call to your colleagues.

Easy to schedule

Do you forget to log in and out of the switchboard? Do you find it difficult to memorize all out-of-office codes? Then Aurora spondi is the solution for your company. Using the smart response groups in the app, everything is done automatically. You can easily set the times during which you want the response group to be open and your working hours. You will not receive any calls outside your working hours. Are you in a meeting or on holiday? You can add an out-of-office period with just a few clicks. As all out-of-office periods are limited in time, you do not have to switch them off manually, Aurora spondi does this for you.

Forward calls to your colleagues

Using Aurora spondi, you can easily forward calls to your colleagues in the response group or to any other number. Both mobile numbers and fixed-line numbers can be included in a response group. If the person is busy in a switchboard call, then you will see this directly on the display and you can also see who your colleague is talking to. Everyone in that response group will directly receive information about who took the call. Did you miss a call? In Aurora spondi you can quickly set it up so that you get information about the call directly to your e-mail.

Complete control over the history

For every call that comes, a message is sent to all those included in the response group. The message describes what happened to the call, also for calls which were not answered. Aurora spondi contains call history for each response group which gives your organization a good overview over the calls to each response group. You can also choose to receive statistics over incoming calls to your e-mail.

As an administrator, you have access to statistical information about all the calls received by the response group. The statistics includes a call list with names, numbers and who took the call and the share of answered and unanswered calls.

Download product sheet: Aurora spondi – Response Groups

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