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Unify the communication

Would’nt it be convenient to be able to quickly check if your colleagues are available when someone calls asking for them? Aurora spondi contains many smart features. Using My colleagues, you have access to a complete telephone book for the entire organization and can instantly see your the status of your co-workers.

By using My colleagues, your company can seamlessly link up and improve internal communications. This is something which benefits both your company and your customers. Are you busy in a meeting or have you left for the day? Using Aurora spondi your employees can instantly see if you are available or not. This means that your colleagues can quickly let a caller know when you will be available again and then then transfer the call to another person who is available.

Call or text directly via Aurora spondi

Whether you work at a company with just a few employees or in a large organization, it can be tricky to remember all internal phone numbers. Using My colleagues, you do not have to memorize any numbers because everything is stored in the mobile switchboard. If the person is busy, perhaps you would prefer to send a text. This is just as easy directly in Aurora spondi.

Download product sheet: Aurora spondi – My colleagues

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