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Menus controls calls the right way

Do you work in an organization where there is a need to route incoming calls to different units and competences? Using menus in Aurora spondi, your customers are always connected to the right person. The caller himself chooses how he wants to be connected by using the buttons on the phone.

You decide which choices to include in your Menu. The call is connected directly once the caller has made his selection between 1 and 9. Each selection can be routed to any function. This might be a unit, a sub-menu, an external service or a subscription of your choice. If a menu diverts to a unit with no-one logged in, this selection will not be made available to the caller.

Easy and flexible

You configuration everything directly in Aurora spondi. There are some 30 different alternatives for Menu using Aurora spondi’s automatic voice, for example “to be connected to support, press 3”. If you want more personal selections, you can of course record your own ones.

If you work at a company with many international contacts? The menus are available in several languages. This means that you can use one selection to allow the caller to change language, for example “For English, press 9”. Practical, isn’t it?

Download product sheet: Aurora spondi – Menu

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