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Qualitative call recording app

Do you receive mobile phone calls that are so important that you want to record and save them? Using Aurora spondi’s call recording, you can easily record them with your iPhone or Android. There is no limit to the length of the recording. You decide how long to keep the recordings and you can easily store them on your computer.

Within certain industries and professions, the working process can be made significantly easier if the employee can record certain phone calls. This might be anything from sales staff who want to make it easier to remember a customer order, project managers who want to record important phone meetings, journalists and PR consultants who wish to record interviews where there is a statutory requirement to record and store phone calls.

Amazing sound quality

Using Aurora spondi, you can record your incoming, outgoing and ongoing calls directly via the app. The file is recorded in wav-format and is collected in mp3. The sound quality of the recordings is high and you avoid the noise that can sometimes occur during telephone interviews. The recording can, for example, certainly be used in a podcast.

Download product sheet: Aurora spondi – Call Recording

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