Aurora Innovation

Vision and values

What are our vision and our values?

Our values are something that is at the heart of our company. It is a part of how we treat our customers and colleagues or how we act in a decision. Therefore, we have all been a part of creating our values. It set the frames and helps us in our daily work. Our values ​​guide us towards our goals and lead us towards our vision.

Our Vision

To create a more available world
Our vision is for everyone, with no limits regarding technology, ability or location.
We want to make communication easier for all members of society, on their terms.

Our Values


We know that the best way to achieve our vision is by working together.
We love synergy and we know that collaboration makes us stronger.


We dare to be innovative and make bold decisions that are in line with our vision.
We trust in and stand by each other.


We understand the beauty of keeping things simple, it’s at the heart of everything we do.
It will always be easy to work with us and our solutions.